Reverse Whois Lookup

Discover the owner of a current or historical domain name. Just enter one or more unique identifiers (such as an individual's or a company's name, phone number, email address or physical address) and learn all the domain names they own or have ever owned.

Example: or “DomainTools, LLC” or “2217 5th Avenue”

How does this work?

A normal Whois Lookup starts with a single domain name and only returns one ownership record.

The Reverse Whois product by DomainTools works in the opposite direction.

You enter terms that describe a domain owner, like an email address or a company name, and we'll search Whois records for those terms. You'll get a list of domain names which have your search terms listed in their Whois record.

Professionals use DomainTools Reverse Whois to:

  • Prioritize brand enforcement activities
  • Submit effective UDRP filings
  • Build complete threat assessments of bad actors
  • Inventory corporate domains for due-diligence research and asset management

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